offers free hosting to all GMs and COs that may need it!

You don't have to be a member of Mystic Fans Universe to obtain a subdomain, but it would be nice to have a link back to our main website In return we will link back to your sim. 

If you wish to support me with your subdomain you can pay for the yearly costs to secure your website with a positive ssl, this is around 8 dollars per year. Your website is automatically secured upon obtaining your subdomain. If you don't pay the SSL yourself, we do require you to display the positive ssl logo on your website. You will get the SSL logo and other codings with your subdomain. If we are asked to install nova for you, we will add the logo for you. If you are using a webmaster, please make sure the webmaster understands to put the logo back up with each new skin change. Also we find it super important, just like your hosting fleet, and if you aren't a member of a fleet, we still do think it's important you have a privacy policy. Please make sure you have a privacy policy on your website. 


I welcome all donations to help me keep this service up. If you like to post a donation, we use paypal for all our payments.

Disclaimer: I provide a non profit service, which means all donations and fees I collect I use solely to maintain these services. If at any time my donations and fees outweigh my costs, I will either upgrade my services without costs to the users. For more information check our Privacy Policy and Terms of service.




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