Mysticfans is a group of fans that provides non-profit services to fans in regards to sim/rpg hosting. 

Mysticfans provides the following services:

  • Subdomain and server hosting
  • Installing website applications (Wordpress/Joomla/Nova/forums)
  • Providing online technical support
  • Graphics services (Profile pictures/Banners/skinning)
  • Email services (Custom email address/Email groups or listings/Email forwarders/online mail inbox custom email)
  • FTP access to your subdomain or the webmaster can add all that you need, including updates
  • Your Subdomain/website linked on this website (Free service)
  • Free advertising of your sim on our discords (Free service, requires joining of the discord group)

For one or more of the above services we ask a small cost fee. The fees you pay will be used to put in this server and website.  And other stuff that we need to provide you with the above services. If we at any time start to get more then cost, we will use the extra money to upgrade our services for your benefits at no extra costs of the users. Which means your monthly costs will not rise if we upgrade our services. 

Fees are paid in to a paypal account that is used to pay for hosting services and other services that we make use off. 

NOTE: mysticfans is not a fleet or other kind of simming group. You are therefor not required to agree to any constitution or to register to this website or it's discord servers. Please note, that mysticfans isn't taking any responsibility on how you conduct your sim. If mysticfans gets too many complaints we will take your site offline. If your sim is part of a fleet or other simming group, mysticfans will not be in anyway associated with them. Our service is purely independent and will remain that way so everyone can make use of our service. 





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