Welcome to Mystic Fans Universe!

 We have officially gone in to the fleet simming service on August 4 2019. We currently have 2 Task Forces. TF Mystic Knights, which contains the sims that run in the main fleet story arc. The Simming year in TF Mystic Knights is 2396. 
Our second task force is called TF Valor. The Valor is the sims that fall outside of the story arc and mainly also before the story arc. And we also have sims in there that aren't trek. 


For more info on the Task Forces, please check their individual pages.

Mystic Fans Universe has two systems that runs it. First is the Joint Fleet Command and the second is the MFU GM/CO Council. You will find more info on all of them on their individual pages. The council consists of the founding Commanding Officers, this includes the JFC and the Task Force Command team. 

Currently, we are only looking for new recruits for our open sims. We are also open to established sims to join us. You are also welcome to apply to start a new command, but currently there is a waiting list on that as we are stabilizing the fleet. If you other ways to offer us help in any way you can, please send us an email on our contact page or join our discord page. 


MFU Discord




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