Mystic Fans Chain of Command

The Chain of command starts from highest ranking officer to lowest ranking officer. This chain of command is also split in to two task forces. So make sure you know which task force you are in. If you are unsure, just click on of the task forces in the menu left and look up your sim in the list.

Joint Fleet Command

Lieutenant General Craig O'Donnaghue
Lieutenant General Meran (Laban) Marci/Vice Admiral Talim Meran
Vice Admiral Shras Th'zhareth

Joint Fleet Executive Command
(Characters will be announced soon)
Discord name: Craig (Lt. Cmdr. Gabriel Sharpe)
Discord Name: Angelus

Task Force Mystic Knights                                                                                                          Task Force Valor

(Character will be announced.                                                                                             Temporal directors:
Discord Name TFCO: Cara Letsul                                                                                  Commander Curtis Thibideaux (USS Valiant)
                                                                                                                                     Chiquita Charter (Stargate Omaha)

Sim Commanding officer                                                                                                          Sim Commanding Officer
Sim Executive Officer                                                                                                                Sim Executive officer 
Sim Second Officer                                                                                                                      Sim Second officer   

The Fleet Office for Mediation and Arbitration (OMA) is a separate entity in the fleet and can only be contacted if following the chain of command didn't yield any satisfying effect. During an OMA case the OMA officer is in charge of the case and even out votes the Joint Fleet Command. The OMA also presides an OMA hearing. The OMA listed in the fleet are as followed:

Craig (Lt. Cmdr Gabriel Sharpe) JFXO  OMA Director
Howie (Cmdr Thorrin)

Another separate entity in the fleet is the Mystic Fans Universe CO/GM council. Aka the founders council or the MFU council. The council consists of COs and GMs who are part of the founding of the fleet and therefor have voting rights within the council. People also having voting rights in the council, but who aren't a CO or GM is the OMA team and fleet positions that don't require a command. COs and GMs outside the council are allowed to discuss with the council and give their suggestions, but they can't vote, only members on the council can do that. A CO that's with the fleet for a year or so, can move up to the council. The following COs are in the council who aren't mentioned in the chain of command:

Knell (Command Pending)

     Note: Please make sure you follow the chain of command in all situations, this way we can keep things clean and organised! 

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