Now with the spreading of the Corona virus we have decided to put this up in the hopes that this will give you a bit of support in these hard times. We know a lot of people are having mental problems, so a lot of precautions your governments have taken maybe causing some stress with you. Please know that we're here should you wish to talk about this and know that we'll be there for you should you need it.
In this day and age social isolation, to prevent the spread of the virus, is made a bit easier with the technology we're having. The internet made the world closer than before. And also how at the moment how our health and medical care is, there is no need to panic.
So keep following the instructions of your government or local health authorities, and stay safe. We have been through a lot of disasters as well as diseases in the past, so this too will pass. 

As always the JFC and the CO council is there to support you if you need any help. If you need some time off from tagging because you're not feeling so well, we're here to support you. If you need to talk we can be a listening ear. If you need someone to keep your spirits up, we're here. Know that everyone in the JFC and the CO council is open for a DM on discord if they're online. 

Be strong and healthy.

Mystic Fans Universe Joint Fleet Command.

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Lieutenant General Craig O'Donnaghue (Ben/Problem solver XD)

Vice Admiral Shras T'zhareth (Rich/Capt bb)