Welcome to Mystic Fans Universe!

 We have officially gone in to the fleet simming service on August 3 2019. We currently have 2 Task Forces. TF Mystic Knights, which contains the sims that run in the main fleet story arc. The Simming year in TF Mystic Knights is 2395. 
Our second task force is called TF Valiants. The Valiants is the sims that fall outside of the story arc and mainly also before the story arc. And we also have sims in there that aren't trek. 


For more info on the Task Forces, please check their individual pages.

Mystic Fans Universe has two systems that runs it. The Universe Admirality and the COs/GMs council. The Universe Admirality is headed by Fleet Admiral Dillon Llewellyn, and the Task Force Commanding Officers are: Lt. General Meran Marci for Mystic Knights and Captain Michalis O'Driscoll for the Valiants. The council of COs/GMs is presided President Ben Banwell. For more information on the people that run Mystic Fans Universe, please look at the page called About us!

Mystic Fans Universe will remain doing their hosting service. The Hosting service will remain free for now. But we do hope you will support Mystic Fans Universe by giving us a small donation with our paypal donation button. We accept all donations and all donations will be used to pay for the services runs on. More info on our hosting service can be found on our hosting service page!

The website you are currently visiting is a temporary website and will be replaced by another website soon. We hope you enjoy your visit, and also please visit our Discord and meet the people behind Mystic Fans Universe!

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