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Writer    Character  Sim Date of death
Chris Willis  Captain James Culbertson, Commanding USS Ottawa    07 December 2014
Kimberly Finney  Lieutenant Surak, Chief science USS Hades 03 June 2021


















In short:

Welcome to Mystic Fleet Universe (MFU). On August 4 2019 we officially became a fleet with 2 task forces. Task Force Mystic Knights and Task Force Valor. Task Force Mystic Knights has sims that follows the sims main storyline: 2395 onwards and is located in the Gamma quadrant. Task Force Valor holds sims that are outside the storyline or even trek. 

Note: Webpage and Website in progress. Check back here regularly on updates on the program and the website!

Event Channels: 

The event will be held on the MFU main discord:

For the event we will have a separate category called MFU Anniversary. And the channels are named as follows:

Main hall 
Lecture hall 1
Lecture hall 2 
General voice 
Guild hall 
(opens 19:00 GMT+1)
Guild voice
 (opens 19:00 GMT+1)

Event rules:

Please always follow the instructions of the moderators and administrators on the server. The moderators and administrators have the following tags:


MFU Joint Fleet Command

Fleet OMA

MFU Ambassador

Temporal Director

Task Force Command

MFU Council 

OPS Guild Leader


Web Guru

MFU First Officer


Upon joining you will be put in the Embarkation room. You can only see this channel and the server guide and the rules. If you like to see the other rooms, please request an MFU guest role with and administrator or moderator. Upon receiving the role you agree to our rules on the server!


The Rules! (You can find these rules under the channel called the-rules)

Discord rules:


1)Please be respectful to all members of the group. This includes our guests!

2)If you have a hostile or heated moment, please take it to DM. Failure to do so will lead to your removal from this discord server.

3)If a member of the command team asks you stop a topic, please comply with their request and not challenge them. Failure to do so will lead to your removal from this discord server.

4)If you disagree with a decision the MFU council made, you can ask for the MFU council to review the topic with you. You can also appeal to a OMA hearing.

5)Private issues do not belong on this discord channel this is a community channel, any private issues belong in Direct Message to the person you have the issue with. Failure to do so will lead to your removal from this discord server.

6)This writing group does not allow the spread of negativity and hatred on our discord server. So to that end do not post any negative comments or hate messages across our discord server. Opinions that favor hatred, have no place here. This is a fun and inviting place for all.

7)If you need help or support, please contact a member of the MFU JFC or MFU Council. We also have support channels.

8)If you have any questions, comments or problems, please contact a member of the MFU JFC or MFU Council!

And, very IMPORTANT, have FUN


Added rule during the EVENT:

As we will have a lot of guests from other fleets, please be advised that recruiting outside the fleet is only allowed in the channel called non-mfu-recruitment!


Anniversary Program

Friday 07-08-2020 
Note : All times are GMT +1 DST. For your timezone, please check:  



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Now with the spreading of the Corona virus we have decided to put this up in the hopes that this will give you a bit of support in these hard times. We know a lot of people are having mental problems, so a lot of precautions your governments have taken maybe causing some stress with you. Please know that we're here should you wish to talk about this and know that we'll be there for you should you need it.
In this day and age social isolation, to prevent the spread of the virus, is made a bit easier with the technology we're having. The internet made the world closer than before. And also how at the moment how our health and medical care is, there is no need to panic.
So keep following the instructions of your government or local health authorities, and stay safe. We have been through a lot of disasters as well as diseases in the past, so this too will pass. 

As always the JFC and the CO council is there to support you if you need any help. If you need some time off from tagging because you're not feeling so well, we're here to support you. If you need to talk we can be a listening ear. If you need someone to keep your spirits up, we're here. Know that everyone in the JFC and the CO council is open for a DM on discord if they're online. 

Be strong and healthy.

Mystic Fans Universe Joint Fleet Command.

Lieutenant General Meran Marci/Vice Admiral Talim Meran (Giang/River)

Lieutenant General Craig O'Donnaghue (Ben/Problem solver XD)

Vice Admiral Shras T'zhareth (Rich/Capt bb)

Mystic Fans Chain of Command

The Chain of command starts from highest ranking officer to lowest ranking officer. This chain of command is also split in to two task forces. So make sure you know which task force you are in. If you are unsure, just click on of the task forces in the menu left and look up your sim in the list.

Joint Fleet Command

Lieutenant General Craig O'Donnaghue
Lieutenant General Meran (Laban) Marci/Vice Admiral Talim Meran
Vice Admiral Shras Th'zhareth

Joint Fleet Executive Command
(Characters will be announced soon)
Discord name: Craig (Lt. Cmdr. Gabriel Sharpe)
Discord Name: Angelus

Task Force Mystic Knights                                                                                                          Task Force Valor

(Character will be announced.                                                                                             Temporal directors:
Discord Name TFCO: Cara Letsul                                                                                  Commander Curtis Thibideaux (USS Valiant)
                                                                                                                                     Chiquita Charter (Stargate Omaha)

Sim Commanding officer                                                                                                          Sim Commanding Officer
Sim Executive Officer                                                                                                                Sim Executive officer 
Sim Second Officer                                                                                                                      Sim Second officer   

The Fleet Office for Mediation and Arbitration (OMA) is a separate entity in the fleet and can only be contacted if following the chain of command didn't yield any satisfying effect. During an OMA case the OMA officer is in charge of the case and even out votes the Joint Fleet Command. The OMA also presides an OMA hearing. The OMA listed in the fleet are as followed:

Craig (Lt. Cmdr Gabriel Sharpe) JFXO  OMA Director
Howie (Cmdr Thorrin)

Another separate entity in the fleet is the Mystic Fans Universe CO/GM council. Aka the founders council or the MFU council. The council consists of COs and GMs who are part of the founding of the fleet and therefor have voting rights within the council. People also having voting rights in the council, but who aren't a CO or GM is the OMA team and fleet positions that don't require a command. COs and GMs outside the council are allowed to discuss with the council and give their suggestions, but they can't vote, only members on the council can do that. A CO that's with the fleet for a year or so, can move up to the council. The following COs are in the council who aren't mentioned in the chain of command:

Knell (Command Pending)

     Note: Please make sure you follow the chain of command in all situations, this way we can keep things clean and organised! 

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Welcome to Task Force Valor!

This force reaches out through time. From millions of years in the past, Battlestar Odin, and 500 years in to the future, Nightwolf. There is no official Task Force command and no official fleet command here, here for the fleet has decided to have assigned temporal directors. They are known on Discord as: Blackwatch and Sakura and the Alicat.  There for each sim in the task force is independently on their own, but connected through time in one fleet and one task force.


Active sims:

Currently NPC'd Battlestar:
Battlestar Odin:

Over 60 millions of years ago, Battlestar Odin set out to the 13th colony, which is now known as Earth. Under the command of Colonel Perseus Alston and under the guidance of Oracle Ariel Terir. 

Commanding Officer: Colonel Perseus Alston
First Officer: Lt Colonel Galen Riekle
Oracle: Ariel Terir

Stargate Omaha
On a forgotten place in the galaxy an Ancient base is unearthed. Its named Omaha. The Year is 2012 and Stargate command send a small expedition under the lead of Jaqueline Sas, an experienced ingenieur, to set up an outpost for Earth there. 

Expedition leader: Jaqueline Sas
Military leader: Colonel Ben Banwell
Inazuma Commander: Chiquita Charter

HMS Avon
Commanding Officer: TBA
First Officer: TBA

Stargate NPC'd:
USAF Achilles
Commanding Officer: Colonel Jason Bennet

Star trek pre dominion war:

USS Hornet:
The year is 2161, the Federation has recently been formed, and it's Post Romulan war and Captain Michalis O'Drisscoll, a veteran from the war, takes command of the USS Hornet, to lead one of the first explorers in Trek history.

Commanding Officer: Captain O'Drisscoll 
First Officer: Commander Sophia Aguilar 
Second Officer: Lieutenant Commander Rowena McGowen

USS Hades:
During the Klingon war in 2256, a new hero arises, the USS Hades, under the command of Captain Colin Lightwood. Accompanied by the USS Demeter, under the command of Captain T'Lara.

Commanding Officer: Captain Colin Lightwood
First Officer: commander Dorian Williams
Second Officer: Major T'Mar

Trek Pre-Dominion war NPC'd:
USS Demeter (2256-): 
Commanding Officer: Captain T'Lara
First Officer: TBA

USS Arlington-A (2367-):

In 2367, only several weeks after the battle at wolf 359 the Veteran Commander Dillon Llewellyn is promoted to command the USS Arlington, an old Ambassador class. Their first mission has started the timeline for the Mystic Knights who are set in 2396. Now the captain and her crew, set out in a new setting, the Cheyenna class Arlington-A. 
Commanding Officer: Captain Dillon Llewellyn
First Officer: Commander Chelsea Meran
Second Officer: (Flight) Major Craig O'Donnaghue

Star trek Post Dominion war:

USS Freya (2377-)
Commanding Officer: Captain Alwyn O'Driscoll
First Officer: Commander D'ghoS Son of House Kilrah
Chief Tactical: Lt. Commander Richter Valarig

USS Valiant (2397-)
Commanding Officer: Commander Natan O'Donnaghue
First Officer: Commander Curtis Thibideaux
Crew Manifest

USS Timmis (2409-):
Sim currently inactive.
Commanding Officer: Captain John Pentac
First Officer: Commander Timber Wolf

Firefly Open:
Commanding Officer: 
First Officer: 



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