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The year is 2396 and starfleet has set up territory in the Gamma quadrant. In the New Haven Sector and the Avalon Sector. New Haven Sector also houses the Mystic Fleet Headquarters to put up a frontline against the Crescent of Saphira. 


Joint Fleet Command:
Lieutenant General Craig O'Donnaghue Meran
Lieutenant General Meran (Laban) Marci
Vice Admiral Shras Th'zhareth
Vice Admiral (Ambassador) Talim Meran

Fleet Medical Command:

Task Force Command:
Task Force Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Yadira Reisen
Task Force Executive Officer:  Captain James Stewart

Task Force Medical:


New Haven sector:

Active sims:

USS Saigon (TF Flagship)
Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Yadira Reisen
Commanding Officer: Captain J'Tagh Yesarine House of Malok
First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Deanna Stormer

USS Shanghai:
Commanding Officer: Captain Xalanth
First Officer: Commander Thorin

USS Ottawa-A:
Commanding Officer: Captain Daniella Le Williams
First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Samuel 'Sam' Devon jr

You can find these sims following this link:

For their discord you can join mystic fans main discord:

MFU Academy/USS Picard
Commanding Officer: Captain Bervag Bers
First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Linda Masters
Academy recruiter: Commander Zoral Loren

NPC'd sims:

Starbase New Haven
Commanding Officer: Colonel Ellis Ijaan
First Officer: Commander Jazin Ijaan

Haven Colony

Paghal Medical Facility
Medical Director: Commander Kitara of the House of Paghal

Avalon Sector

Active sims:

USS Churchill (TFXO Flagship)
Commanding Officer: Captain James Stewart
First Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Frasier

USS Siren
Commanding Officer: Commander Rian O'Donnaghue
First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Alexandera Alexander

USS Churchill discord:

NPC'd sims:

USS Lorrelei:
Commanding officer: Commander Gares Th'Zhareth
First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Sotaak

USS Athena:
Commanding Officer: Captain Istril Ze
First Officer: Tba

Avalon station: 
Commanding Officer: TBA
Starfleet Liaison: Lieutenant Commander Madeleine Frasier

Avalon Colony

Romulan Sector:

Romulan Colony:
Governor and Ambassador: Livina



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